Our designer lamp Reunion: Your first post on Pinterest

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  • Get inspiration from Pinterest. It's time you became a source for others. With our Reunion table lamp, you share a unique designer lamp that your friends are guaranteed not to have seen in their feed.

    Because every lamp from AlpenZebra consists of a piece of solid wood with an individual grain - something like the fingerprint of the tree. Therefore, each lamp is inherently the only one of its kind.

    Our carpenters only bring out the character of the wood. To do this, we work out the nuances by hand and equip them with energy-saving, soft light.

    All just to inspire your followers. Share your new lamp on Pinterest and tag us @AlpenZebra.
  • - Super warm white light 2700K
    - Infinitely dimmable
    - Made of solid wood
    - Super bright 2600 lumens
    - Touch dimmer
    - Energy-saving 20W high-tech LED
    - Including 24V power adapter
    - Unique grain

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