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One Earth – One Ocean eV (oeoo) – Maritime waste disposal

The plastic waste in the waters worldwide is one of the most serious environmental problems of our global society, which urgently needs a solution, no longer needs to be emphasized. So far, however, there has been a lack of well thought-out and pragmatic solutions for removing plastic waste from the sea.

Since 2011, the non-profit organization One Earth – One Ocean eV (oeoo) from Munich and Kiel has been pursuing the goal of freeing water bodies around the world from plastic waste, but also from pollution caused by oil and chemicals.

In addition, the association is involved nationally and internationally in the research of microplastics as well as in education, awareness-raising work and documentation on the subject of marine litter. As early as 2013, oeoo was awarded the renowned GreenTec Award, Europe's largest environmental and business prize, for the concept of maritime waste disposal. In 2019, the association received the federal ecodesign award from the Federal Ministry for the Environment for its concept of the waste disposal ship SeeElefent.

The work of oeoo is financed exclusively by private donations and sponsorship money, because unfortunately we have not received any financial support from the public sector for our various non-profit projects and campaigns.

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As a company, PLANT-MY-TREE carries out afforestation, which includes projects for initial afforestation, forest conversion and forest protection on mainly its own areas in Germany. We work together with the local forest authorities in advance. Our goal is long-term CO2 compensation and thus sustainable environmental and climate protection.

After avoiding or reducing CO2 emissions, afforestation is not only in our opinion the best and most sustainable way to protect the climate and thus the environment. Therefore we concentrate on the afforestation of areas:
– in the case of initial afforestation on areas that were previously used for other purposes
– in the case of forest conversion and forest protection on areas where the forest stands have been destroyed, e.g. due to diseases or climatic changes, or the forest stand can only be preserved in the long term through forest conversion

The plants are mainly planted on their own land. At the request of our project partners, we also carry out projects on the space provided. Here, too, we work in advance with the local forest authorities to decide which tree species to plant.

Sustainable tree planting on suitable areas and planned project durations of at least 99 years, in which no deforestation or economic use should take place, underline the long-term climate protection goals of PLANT-MY-TREE.